Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yep She's REALLY getting in a few more funnies

Before it's time for her to come!

What's going on with me??? Swelling... i would show you a pic but my camera died. My feet used to be as beautiful as feet could get. Just right toes in the perfect angle, skinny feet where you could see some bones but not enough to gross you our... skinny ankles to frame the foot... and now??? Yeah it's all cream puffs now. At first it was only this way by the end of the day.... now it's ALL the time! As soon as i wake up i look down and i have so much chubs that i have toe cleavage without even putting shoes on! how lovely!

Oh what else is swelling??? my hands, which causes numbness and tingling. In the mornings it takes quite a few tries to turn off my alarm b/c i can't feel my fingers! I have to hold them up, do a little spirit finger dance and THEN i can begin to sort of function. I'm sure Kinsley is LOVING that mental picture... each morning i wake up and it's like YEA!!!! GO TEAM KINSLEY! yeah ummm no!

oh and here's a real winner too... from my left butt cheek around to my front left hip bone is bad dull pain. Yeah and sometimes that's mixed with a Charlie Horse type pain! YEA TEAM KINSLEY! Last night it was so bad while i was trying to get comfortable to go to bed i was in tears.... YEA TEAM KINSLEY!

Could she just be born please???

oh and to top off the pain and lack of sleep... we might not have a daycare. Stupid parents that already go to our selected daycares can't keep their horny little hands off each other and are pregnant again! Leaving their new "love child" to take my perfectly planned daughters place.... stupid people!

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