Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are you ready for this? Because you should prepare yourself!

okay i've warned you... today is not just the oh so cute bump side of pregnancy... you know that "cute" bump you all see and smile at and pat... NO this is also the side that I SEE! I see it every time i get up to take a shower or use the restroom, or change my clothes... it's always here laughing at me and asking friends to join... WHAT am i talking about? Well the stretch marks OBVIOUSLY! Yes i told you a while back that Kinsley blessed me on my birthday with these lovely love marks and well they've been VERY busy growing friends... despite my efforts to make it a highly uncomfortable environment for them (applying Bees Wax Body Butter OFTEN!) they still seem to want to join the party on my mid-section. So here's what you have to look forward to ladies... please walk away from the computer to gasp so that you don't hurt my new friend's feelings.

So first the "cuteness" with all my "glow"

Hee hee Notice the sparkle in my eyes, the refreshed look on my face and the utter joy my "glow" is spreading...

And onto the gory details...

now yes part of that is from my pants but yeah i think you can pick out the invaders. So now that you've cleaned your face up from loosing your lunch i'm here to tell you ladies... if they're coming... they're going to come no matter what (but i still use body butter). You're going to be stuck with these "love marks" no mater how hard you try to keep them at bay... but NOW i have photographic evidence for my child of what SHE DID TO ME! HAHAHAHA i think i'll include this picture on every birthday card i give her!

But you want to know the best part of these horrific marks? My darlin husband doesn't care two terds. He never mentions them, talks about them, picks on me for them, and is not disgusted by them! He still finds me sexy (or so he says... hey i'll take it even if it's a lie!)! So while i wouldn't want to flaunt these bad boys i'm not ashamed of them. They are badges of honor of all i've gone through and still have to go through... but it would REALLY be okay if these badges wanted to disappear after the birth, b/c then i'll have a new badge!
How far along? 34 weeks

Baby's weight: i don't know but i've gained 33lbs.

Stretch Marks? Did you miss the photo?

Sleep? Thank you Tylenol PM! YES last night was amazing!

Best moment this week: The baby shower hands down... it was amazing!

Movement? Yeah she had a dance party the other night and Chris got to watch it, it was so cool... he was shocked to finally SEE what i've been talking about.

Food Cravings: cookies sandwiches with icing in the middle... Mrs. Fields!!!!

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? barely in

What I miss: My hips not hurting when i walk~

What I am looking forward to: Getting out new deck... hey we're going to be home a lot more most likely so it'll be nice to relax on the deck.

Weekly Wisdom: Your friends and Family will surprise you if you let them... they are amazing people.
Milestones: We have almost everything done and ready! just a few more details and we're all set for her to come! YEA!

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