Friday, October 30, 2009


So it's really an interesting feeling when you look at all of these countdown Calendars. I mean you start of with 280 days, 9 months... well i guess you're further along then that by the time you figure out if you're pregnant... BUT you get the idea and then next thing you know you're looking at those things and they say you're 34 wks and 3 days and you're in your 35th week and you only have 39 days left!!! I mean REALLY! 39 days... that's freakin soon! ESPECIALLY since i REALLY don't think we're going to go 40 weeks or over it (though stranger things have happened... like Chris agreeing to this whole thing). So it COULD BE sooner. I mean my neighbor had hers 2 weeks early! that would put me at 25 days away! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

So with all of these "helpful" count downs staring me in the face it has put me into panic oh holy Jesus i have to get the bottles that i'm not going to use for the first month or two of her life sterilized and in the cabinets so they are ready! I HAVE to get the pack n play set up in the living room so it can collect dust and dog hair and get vacuumed every day so it's ready RIGHT NOW! I HAVE to get the bath toy holder, for the bath toys that we don't have yet and she won't even play with until she's around 4-5 months, RIGHT NOW!!! So while it's fun to watch the clock tick down... IT'S FREAKING ME OUT!

oh yeah and now i'm pooing ALL the time. Just like my old friend IBS is back... remember the "starting their engines" story from way back? well i think that's what we're doing... i've heard this "clearing" of the engines can go on for weeks, but it's a start. We're cleaning out the lines and getting her ready for the brickyard!

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  1. Quite noticeably this is the nesting phase. :)