Monday, October 19, 2009

This is me complaining... again

So this weekend i was NOT productive on ANY level. The only productive things i did was we got our pumpkins, i went grocery shopping, and i put the bows on Kinsley's curtains. I'm seriously over everything!

All weekend my hips and back hurt NON-STOP! All weekend i couldn't get enough sleep... i'm back in 1st tri i feel like. I now have a child that enjoys using my cervix as a punching bag. Yeah i'm sitting here typing and all i feel is POP POP POP down THERE! WEIRD! she is enjoying rolling and stretching and kicking and punching... which YOU might think sounds like fun but it only makes me more tired and grouchy.

Also i'm a registry stalker... i know i should just wait to be surprised this weekend at my shower but what else am i supposed to do since i refuse to do house work etc? So i get on the computer to stalk my registry and do you know what... it's still REALLY REALLY full. I mean it's not like i have millions coming to my shower but...

I don't know, i guess i'm just freaking out that everyone is getting me clothes and Chris and i are going to have to go and get all the necessities. WHICH is cool, but isn't that what a shower is for? DO YOU SEE what this pregnancy has done to me? I'm complaining about being given the WRONG gift!!!!! People are going to go out of their way to be kind and sweet and give Kinsley and I (oh yea Chris too) gifts from their heart and i'm freaking because it's not the "right" gift.

Excuse me while i lecture myself....

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  1. LOL! #1 registry rule is EVERYONE goes to get something from the store the night before. :)