Monday, October 5, 2009

I think i lost my right Cheek this weekend

Saturday was a GREAT day full of relaxing. I got my hair colored and cut (pictures coming this week) and my nails and toes done in preparation for my friend's wedding AND i got taken out to dinner by my inlaws. YEA!

THEN Sunday Happened! lol, it wasn't THAT bad, but it IS still effecting me! Sunday we went to church, then to Home Depot, then to the g-store. Then after we got home and ate lunch... it was off to work. I cleaned out my front flower bed and then planted some mums. Now it was like this.... These flowers popped right out of the ground, Those flowers were a little more work, and THOSE bush flower thingies were the bane of my existence. You see first one broke my spade (great) and plus you know they are in the ground, which is not waist level so i have to bend and dig and bend and pull and bend and.... you get it. Yeah like 5 or 6 times... UH! Then i have to scoot on my butt down the sidewalk planting my mums  which feels just GREAT! Especially once i try to get off my butt to realize my right hip has decided to boycott me walking.

So once Chris and i finish the outside... which looks great, and you may be asking "Erin seriously why didn't you just let it go this year" it's b/c of THIS: My old flowers clashed with my fall decorations that were outside and every time i drove up i hated seeing them. And i could just pull out the old flowers and have a dormate flower bed b/c we didn't have a tree this year that created shade so that means i could have mums for the first year... so i WANTED THEM!

okay now where were we, oh yes outside done... Now for the (da da dammmm) basement. See our base is (still) unfinished and is there for laundry, storage, and the occasional game of beer pong. Well now that Kinsley is coming the "storage" is out of control while we've been moving stuff down there to make room for her stuff. So we 1. PURGED!... i would say mostly i did... i'm not a hoarder but i can often think of reasons why i should keep an extra lap, jar, book, coffee table around... so i let it go with the understand that if i should NEED it i WILL buy another!!! lol.

then we 2. TRASHED. Chris has these great HUGE trash bags from work that we filled 4 of! OH YEA!

lastly we 3. organized and cleaned. It was so nice... now we just need to know what to do with our purge items waiting on direction for that one...

and now as a result of all this hard labor, my right hip/butt cheek is KILLING me... oh well, it was worth it... got Chris to go to bible study with me! (CHEESY GRIN).

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