Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Ultrasound pic!!!

So we went to our monthly ultrasound and K has slowed down a bit... i mean she's still ahead for how far a long we are, but not quite as ahead. She is now only 6 days ahead. She weighs in at 3lbs and 15oz! Still my little chunker! She's growing so well... the most "advanced" part of her as far as growth is concerned is her head... which is still nice and low in my pelvis and her feet are still up in my ribs. She's such a thoughtful one! K obviously knows which way is out and has been ready for it since day one... we just need her to stay put for at least 6 more weeks or longer.

So here's the best photo she let us take yesterday (she was sleeping and mad we were trying to wake her up...

there's our little beauty! I'm back now to being on top of the world and i can't wait to meet her! I still can't believe Chris and I created this amazing sassy little girl! Mommy loves you Kinsley!

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