Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Martiena's Wedding Weekend!

Well we left at 520AM to a soggy start. Rain, fog, YUCK! But it wasn't a bad trip b/c we didn't encounter traffic! Sweet! I even got a Pumpkin Spice Latte along the way (1/2 caf!). Heaven!

We took out time, stopped for a long lunch and still arrived by 1pm. Luckily our room was ready and they let us check in early. SO i got my nap in and then we were off to the wedding!

Here's us:

That's RIGHT that is my $30 thrift store dress from Gap Maternity... besides crushing my boobs it was GREAT!

The wedding was breath taking. It was in a lodge with twinkle lights and candles EVERYWHERE! It was so intimate and beautiful. The Ceremony fit the couple to a T complete with a wine ceremony rather then a candle ceremony! So Great! We were even give little bottles of wine as our favors! SWEET!

Here's the beautiful bride:

Yea despite my choice of sliming black (ha who was i kidding) her TINY waist makes me look like Shamu lost his spots. But hey, anything for the bride!

Chris and i also got to stay in a really cute Bed and Breakfast called the Springside Inn. Besides the fact that i booked a room on the third floor (yea, booked it before we got pregnant) it was great!

We had a great time and the scenery was just breath taking the entire time!

thanks Tuck and Martiena for letting us share your special day/weekend with you!

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