Monday, October 26, 2009

K's room PRE-shower

Well i thought i would show you what we've done to get things together a little more... oh but just wait until you see post shower pics. It's OUT OF CONTROL how generous everyone was! i won't be posting those until we get some of the stuff OUT of her room into the rest of the house. Lets just say that when we got home from the shower you literally could not step into her room it was so full... we had to "work" our way in! THEN after we got most of that organized, we went to the stores to return/exchange/use gift cards, and that made the room FULL AGAIN! I'm so blown away by how much all these people care in my life and feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people!

And onto her room pictures!


We finally got the maternity photos up!


Curtains with bows i made.


now i never claimed to be a decorator but they serve their purpose rather well i think!

here's the crib, nothing new there yet...


And here is her "1st" doll next to her lamp that i FINALLY found at Home Goods with my mother-in-law!


Now this doll was my Mimi's (dad's mom) and whenever i went to visit her in New Orleans i ALWAYS wanted to play with her. Once i got old enough i was allowed and it's one of those memories i'll never forget. So when she came to live with my parents i got the doll! And now i'm going to let my little girl have her... except OBVIOUSLY she must wait until she's a little older to play with her!


So that WAS the nursery Saturday morning.... i'll post new pictures when the shower stuff has been organized a little more!

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