Friday, October 2, 2009

See i think Pregnant women are hanicapped too!

NO i'm not making light of individuals that are handicapped. I'm simply stating a fact that at a certain point in every woman's pregnancy (okay the normal women... some are "special" and fine through out) where she feels handicapped. It's where your child is digging for china in your tail bone so you are forced to walk like you're smuggling a turkey in your whahoo... and it's NOT comfortable. It's where a simple "quick" trip to the store for milk now takes as long as what used to be a normal trip b/c you have to...

1. WALK from whatever parking spot you can find (always at the back), which is a waddle, rest, waddle, rest for a Braxton Hick contraction, Waddle, WOO HOO we're there!

2. Waddle through the g-store to get your item (still stopping for those little fake contractions.

3. take extra time in check out b/c EVERYONE just wants to know how far along you are and then tell you their war stories or comment on how you most likely have twins but the doctor failed to tell you.

4. realized dang now i have to pee (which is a process in itself

5. Waddle back to your car

OH! but here's the BEST part. You get to your car and see some A-hole has parked all up on your junk thinking you must be an nutritionally deprived person b/c you could squeeze through that space even before you were pregnant, so now you have to try to climb into your drivers seat from either the passenger side or the back of your car, over seats and consoles while hauling a watermelon that HURTS when you try to bend.

SO i believe you should have the option to get a Handicap tag for your car (since even the stores that have mother to be parking at best have 2 spots that are ALWAYS full). Seriously people think about it... we could make it pink

see this one comes in all kinds of colors! And every time someone sees a "crazy woman driver" giving them the finger as they pass them they will just pleasantly think "oh bless her heart, she's just hormonal and pregnant!". It could save lives! People would see our sticker and remember to park far enough away from our car door or else they might come back to a shattered windshield. Really, it would make the world a happier place... not to mention we would be nicer since we would be allowed to park in Handicap spaces!

Really it's a win win... i think we should start the Pink Parking campaign now!

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  1. If they dont pass the law for pregnant Handicap signs soon, you could just put a sign on your back windshield that says

    "WARNING: I am Pregnant, and can not fit between tight spaces. If you park too close to my vehicle, I WILL scratch the Sh^# out of your car! Park at your own risk!!"