Friday, October 16, 2009

Pregnancy Blues...

Pregnancy has it's ups and downs and is a hormonal roller coaster. It starts as one of those fun kid coasters that just makes you smile and feel the breeze leaving you thinking "this is so fun and nice! wee" , yet they do jerk you around a little...then you get to the water ride stage where you have these ups and downs which also have the cold shock of water spraying in your face. Your reactions are much like this: "WHOA the baby moved, sweet" "ahh i'm feeling so much better i can sleep now and eat stuff now"... "WHOA we're having a girl we HAVE to get this nursery READY!" aww look at my cute bump!

THEN you get to the Vortex... you know that ride where you don't have anything under your feet and they are swinging you around like a monkey on a banana tree, yet the tree is going 90 miles a hour and it's WHAM up in the air... WHOOSH down to the ground.... WHAM complete circle... you just never know what's going to hit you... yeah that's the ride i'm on now. Just the other day i was WOOSHING and giggling about Kinsley moving and her nursery being done and having people telling me how pretty i am... to WHAMMING because i'm in pain, i've peed my pants (again, this time at work... had to go home), everything is swollen, I waddle worse then a duck (seriously the ducks would kick me out of their group for being a little to "ducky" for them), and i just don't care about doing my hair, or dressing in anything besides PJs (i haven't worn them to work yet but i was SOOO close today!).

I'm WOOSHING down a hill of constant sleepiness to only WHAM into a fall of emotional turmoil that is trying to make me walk around sobbing... the only reason i don't give in is because then i would have to talk to people and explain WHY i'm crying and WHY i've gotten on the wrong roller coaster to only have them tell me "It's okay you're pregnant" NO SHIT SHERLOCK! I know i am... i'm aware of that every time i sit, stand, turn, lay, etc. THANKS for that news flash and you saying that REALLY helps this huge urge to have gut wrenching sobs go away. THANKS... so i don't cry because that wouldn't be a good conversation this early in the morning with the lady that picks up my trash or the FedEx man.

So good luck with your ups and downs... not everyone talks about them (or the fact that you will pee your pants at some inconvenient time because you sneezed) so i thought i should prepare you... it might only be a day... a few hours, etc but it will come... so just get ready to ride it out.

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