Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Umm my cervix farts

Sorry i couldn't find a delicate way to say that... My cervix poots, my cervix burps, yeah none really capture it like the grotesqueness of Fart.

Now does my cervix really allow air to pass by it's supposedly impenetrable barrier? I certainly hope not! But it's hard to explain the feeling of Kinsley testing her limits. It's like someone went into my womb and said "Now Kinsley you have to stay in here for 8 more weeks and that mucus plug is going to stay and keep you there until it's time" and so my VERY independent daughter decides to test this every morning, afternoon, evening. I constantly feel this boom boom boom or pop pop pop right down there and IT'S WEIRD.

It's doesn't feel good or bad it's just weird. It's like there's a private party or something going on in my pants that i'm not invited to but i'm aware of it and i'm trying to keep it a secret at the same time because who really wants to know what is going on with my cervix? SO i keep my mouth shut but occasionally while walking down the hall i smile to myself b/c i know my daughter is testing her GREAT ESCAPE from my body... i have a feeling she's always going to be testing EVERYTHING!

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