Monday, October 26, 2009


My best friend Melody threw me the baby shower of ALL baby showers! With the help of my mom, mother-in-law, and a few close friends it came together perfectly and i was sooo blown away. I've never seen a baby shower look so amazing! It was just like her nursery! It seriously took my breath away! And i know i know you just want to see the pictures, so here we go...

The entrance

Here's the entrance table

Now i would like to go into a little detail about this table and why it is so incredibly fantastic besides the obvious...
1. Baby Pictures of Chris and I
2. Maternity pictures of Us and a small one with the pups
3. Everyone brought us a baby book to get the library started!
4. Everyone filled out an envelope with their address so i can thank them!
Not to mention the cute plate and beautiful invitation!

The food table! It was amazingly yummy! And everything was labeled with the cutest little tag! The details of this shower just blew me away!

Here's the tables of the room

Now for some table details: see this dress

and this dress:

and this Freaking AMAZING diaper cake?

well let me give you some details... my dear dear dear friend Martiena (previous wedding post)... yeah well her MOTHER HANDMADE those dresses, plus one more. YEAH she HANDMADE Kinsley 3 dresses (WITH pantaloons) I mean they were BEYOND beautiful. I would hate to even imagine what they could sell for in the stores... i mean too much for me to buy one for K! I've decided the purple one is K's easter dress!!! IT's sooo amazing!
Now for the diaper cake... not ONLY are there amazing goodies on there for K there's PLENTY for me! Yeah in the center of all of that is martini sugar AND i mini bottle of Champaign! YES! And random bath goodies and face goodies for me too! WOW! Martiena REALLY knows how to spoil her friends!

Now look at these place settings

See that amazingly beautiful Sugar cookie in the middle... yeah those were made by my incredibly talented friend Katie... oh and she sent them from CALIFORNIA!!! (she used to live in my town but had to move). Isn't that beyond thoughtful!?!?! I can't get over what amazing friends i have! COOKIES from CALIFORNIA! Not only were they beautiful but tasted AMAZING.... and here's the picture i promised Katie, that i hate b/c i have a weird smile and double chin but here it is anyway!

Here's some game shots... Chugging sprite... measure the belly...

Martina WON!

Carrie WON!

My mom was way off, bless her heart

Random shower pics

And the youngins

Now prepare yourself for AWESOMENESS! Every shower has a cake right? WELL my cake just blew all of ya'lls away! Melody's (the host) mother-in-law made it! It is not only a piece of work but it tasted AMAZING! Chocolate and raspberry filling! YES!

see she looks like me!

The MOST amazing best friend and hostess!

And the gifts (i'll do individual gift shots later~)

And that's it for now... there's SO much more to say and show but i'm afraid the academy award music is playing on me so i must close THIS post. But again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that helped, thought of me, attended, etc. I can't put into words what it all meant to me! Just amazing!


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  2. I would like to know what was used to hold the dress for the center piece?

    Thank you.