Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh NO you did not just beep a pregnant woman!

Okay so here’s the story!
We’re walking (well I’m waddling) back to my car and we’re crossing the the lane and well, it takes me longer. So this bitch (i'm sorry mom, i'm pregnant and hormonal and well she upset me) in a red SUV comes up behind us (now understand we’re like on a far, not often driven part of the deck... Not like on the main row) and BEEPS ME!!! WHAT THE HELL! So I whipped my belly around to looked at her and she made a sign to tell me to move over! OH NO SHE DIDN’T! Oh THAT pissed me off!

So my friend and I are getting back in my car and guess who parks diagonal from me... Yep Red SUV Bitch. So I start staring her down. She’s taking her time doing lord knows what in her car b/c she sees me staring at her. So she FINALLY gets out of her car and I yell “SORRY NEXT TIME I’LL WADDLE FASTER FOR YOU!” and she walks to the back of her car and starts folding clothes or something...

Yeah don’t beep a waddling pregnant woman! We'll come after you!

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