Tuesday, October 13, 2009

32 wks and clumsy as can be.

Yeah i am SO clumsy i surprise myself. I mean i've never been the MOST graceful duck on the pond but i wasn't always an accident waiting to happen. But now i'm scared to hold anything fragile, china, glass, small children. It's bad. This morning getting ready, dropped clothes, hair brushes, dogs vitamins, my apple, and keys. That was just before i left the house... lets not even go into work.

So far everything has been okay, except for the brown spots now on my apple. But i fear for what's to come. I'm scared to cook b/c i think i'm going to drop boiling water on my pups. But, alas that is just the life of a pregnant woman...

Had my doctors visit yesterday and everything looks great! I tried to inform my doctor that i would not like it if Dr. Doom came near me, but while she listened with a laugh i don't think she grasped how serious i was! Yeah we'll see who's laughing when it's time to deliver!

The last thing that is on my mind is the swine flu... mainly the vaccine. Should or should i not get it? I've had every member of my family and part of chris's all call to tell me to do one or the other... most conversations were like this:

Relative: You HAVE to get the Swine Flu Vaccine! Are you getting it
me: Well i'm looking into it and if my doctor says to i will
R: Well you better hurry up!
M: yeah well it's August and they aren't even going to be available until mid October.

Seriously people... you think i haven't thought about this??? Moving on

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