Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TMI and a doctor on the way!

I'll start with the "safe stuff"

So we went and visited another pediatrician last night and we LOVE him. He's great! Went to John Hopkins, been in practice since 1992. Very confidant guy without being cocky. We love his office, etc. The only down side (if it is one) is it's a very small practice (only him) so it might be hard to get in last  minute. BUT that being said... we love him! So we're going to visit this one last place tonight that our neighbors go to (it's larger, multiple doctors, etc) and love and then we'll compare and pick. Either way KINSLEY HAS A DOCTOR! YEA! One more thing off my list!

now this next part is going to be TMI so stop reading if you don't want to hear about poop.

I'm warning you!!!!!

ok... so the last 3 days i've had GREEN poop. Not brown green or pee green but GREEN GREEN that's kinda bright poop. I mean it doesn't look like i'm pooping out something nuclear and glowing or anything but it's still weird... REALLY weird. And i'm not sure why this is happening... i thought i ruled everything out and then i thought is it my fruit loops? I mean i've had them before without the green poop.... so today i'm not eating them to see if i return to "normal" colors...

oh and PS my belly is wicked low today.... hope this child isn't getting any ideas!

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