Friday, October 2, 2009


Well we started the great search for a Pediatrician for Kinsley. Yeah you know you have to have one before you go to the hospital so they can come and check your kid out, etc? Yeah you do... and BELIEVE me you do NOT want to just throw a dart at a list of names and go with it b/c this is your angel you're talking about... do you want a Dr. Doom for children? I didn't think so!

So we go to our first one, not really knowing what to expect. We had a few questions in mind, but mostly we wanted to SEE.

Fail one... no separate waiting rooms for sick and well children... boo
It's like this... the Doctor and Staff were REALLY nice and very helpful and comforting. But i just felt like that IT factor was missing. So on the list but not excited about it.

So now i've prepared myself and Chris so we don't sit there trying to come up with questions for a doctor that is just staring at us with a look of "i'm just as clueless". I've researched and i now have QUESTIONS! And i'm going to share my questions with YOU so you won't have to go through what i just did. You will go in looking and acting like a smart, in control, soon to be parent! (hey i didn't promise you would be that, just look like it!)

1. Are there walkin hours/same day sick service?
2. Are there weekend hours/Holiday hours?
3. What is the process of after hours calls and do you charge for these calls?
4. Do you Charge for filling out paperwork/copies of records?
5. Do you provide walk in flue shots?
6. Does your practice specialize in anything?
7. How many doctors are in the practice?
8. Will i see all of them or only you?
9. Where is the lab work done? On or off site?
10. Are there well and sick waiting rooms?
11. How soon after the birth will you want to see the baby?
12. Is your practice breastfeeding friendly and do you offer help?
13. How long have you been in Practice?
14. Are there other/sister offices?
15. Will i get a reminder call/mail about immunizations, etc?
16. What makes you different from other practices
17. Will A doctor always see my child or will i sometimes only be seen my a nurse or PA, etc? And if so in what situations?

What do you think? Pretty fancy smart of me huh? Yeah i know... i'll let you know how the other 3 appointments go.

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