Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear My darlin baby Kinsley,

Dear Kinsley,

Well we've been through a lot together in these last 33 weeks. Especially this last week. You must have been growing big girl because Mommy could barely walk, lay, sleep, or eat for a week! But now you've dropped. I'm sure you're wondering why we would refer to your head landing in my pelvis as dropped since you most likely have other words for where your head is now but it's progress baby girl! This means you're starting to get ready to come and meet Daddy, Stella, Sadie and I!

But lets take a quick second to talk about your "dropping". I realize by having your head lower it gives your legs more room in my belly but that doesn't mean you have to start dancing ALL DAY LONG. Mommy KNOWS you're happy to feel like you have a little more room but you don't have to take it out on her ribs!

Now just a few things to catch you up on... Daddy and i got you your very own baby pumpkin this year! Don't worry we'll take a picture in case you don't get to see it. Also if you hear someone talking about "K", that's you. Daddy has decided it's your nickname. oh and me "patting" my belly is just me trying to remind you that i can feel you but i would prefer to feel you lower than my ribs.

Today i got to hold a 5 week old baby and was almost in tears because i knew it would be you i would be holding soon. Thank you for letting me share this time with you. Thank you for placing your tiny foot in my hand as i cupped my belly. Thank you for being you. I can't wait to meet you and every day that we get closer to your birthday i get more and more excited and scared. I hope you love me as much as i already love you.

I love you Kinsley Grace and soon I'll be able to kiss your tiny fingers and toes. Stay safe in there and keep growing and don't even think about coming out for four more weeks... then you can make your debut anytime you want!

love you baby girl!


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