Thursday, October 1, 2009


And no that's not some smart ass name for someone i've decided to not like today... i mean the REAL TERRORIST! Al Jazerra (sp?). It went down like this...

So Chris is upstairs, paying bills, and cursing  my name as he scrolls through the credit card to see what all i've been up to... every now and then i hear "Erin, who's **** and what did you buy for $**???" and then i either scream back the answer or go up and calmly explain it depending on the severity of my offense. Well at one point he screams "WHO'S AL JAZERRA?? THAT'S TERRORIST!" and i'm thinking he's really lost his mind now and the bills are getting to i scream back "HOW MUCH?" and he says "$61.95". Now normally when i hear an amount it clicks with my purchase but this did not ring any bells.

So i crowbar myself off the couch somehow and waddle my way up the stairs and once i FINALLY get there 2 hours later i look at the date... Supposedly this purchase was made on the 26th. That was a Saturday, HA i say I WAS WITH YOU ALL DAY! We had baby class and then a friend's bridal shower! Then he points out the dates often aren't accurate. Dang! So i spend the next 45 mins thinking through the fog that is my pregnant brain for what the heck I bought for that amount.... and NOTHING comes to mind...

So finally we call our Credit Card company and i tell them i do NOT know what this transaction is... and they say it's a bookstore.. "HA i haven't read in MONTHS... well books that i bought" I tell them this... then i ask where this "bookstore" is... yeah i can't even tell you b/c i did not understand the name (lets just say it's not in America).

SO YOU SEE!!!! The terrorist tried to get MY MONEY to fund their efforts. I know $62 isn't a lot but 1. That amount often goes under the radar (but now my fraud sniffing husbands!) AND 2. that amount could fund quite a bit over there!

SO CHECK YOU ACCOUNTS!!! It was down as a charge to Al Jazzera Channel on our credit card (Obviously they aren't THAT sneaky) but always double check a charge you don't remember!

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