Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feast your eyes upon THIS

So i'm not so hot with taking photos on the same day every week... so i figured i'll take them when i take them and you'll get to see them whenever that is! So smile... be happy!

So here's me at 32wks and 2 days.

And the BELLY for all you sickos that think this is cute...

(Yeah that's my Chucky smile i think)

So i'm at the yes i look pregnant and i feel like a whale stage. I don't feel fat because of my belly. I feel fat because of my thighs, my arms, my swollen feet and hands. I feel fat because it's hard to move off the couch or even roll over.

This is me getting off the couch unassisted: roll until i'm off... roll until i'm on my hands and knees, and use everything within my reach that is stable to help me push myself up.

Chris even made the comments last night when i asked for help "How come you can lay down so easily but not get up just as easy?" my reply: "Because laying down equals falling and getting up requires abs, which i don't have anymore"... he didn't mean anything by it BUT i just keep getting more and more depressed about the state of myself.

i LOVE kinsley and feeling her (well most of the time) and watching her move. It's all so worth it in the end but i FEEL LIKE A FAT COW! I can't wear most shoes anymore without pain, i can't walk without waddling, i can't even wipe after using the restroom without having issues! YES you heard me! Wiping gets hard to do too!

Sometimes i have dreams where my belly is gone and i'm toned again (no not like i was never pregnant or Kinsley never existed) just i could wear BELTS again. I could TUCK IN A SHIRT! I could put socks and underwear on without grunting!

I really just want to feel pretty again...but today i just want to go home and cry that i'm a fat whale!

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  1. I think you look amazing and you've got great hair!!!