Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why isn't there a hold button in life?

Kinsley surprises us every day with how much she is growing and learning. Last night Chris and I just laughed with each other at how "grown-up" K is. These moments with her are so special and a lot of times I get reminded of that when i see her through Chris's eyes. Last night after a books and a song she got up and climbed into her toddler bed to bed tucked in. Chris just looked at me with a face that said "She's putting herself to sleep!". I'm used to this because I tuck her in every night, where he works late many nights and misses it. Last night he also got the "Barbara says" speech... where she repeats every rule her preschool teacher has, yet rarely follows them at home. lol.

She's just so much fun and so silly and I find I have to MAKE myself slow down and just play with her rather than worrying about dinner or cleaning up the kitchen sometimes. There will always be a kitchen to clean and hands to wipe, but there won't always be a little girl looking up at me giggling saying "Play Mommy" "Me too Mommy" "pumpkin in my belly Mommy"... those times will slip away and I will find myself wishing I hadn't worried so much about about the everyday or being too tired.

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