Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from K's school!

Every year Kinsley's school does a Thanksgiving dinner and it's so much fun to get to sit and talk to the teachers and parents and watch the kids play together. Boy do the kids like to play while we're there, little show offs. Here's a picture explosion of the event!
So I asked K to give me a pretty smile and this is what I got...

LOVING her mashed potatoes, just like her Daddy!

This is her "I just saw Grandma face!"

Grandma Love

Going in for some Daddy love!

K has been very proud of herself lately because she's been drinking from a big girl cup. She drinks from it and then says "I Big girl!"


A little playtime showing off!

This is her surprise face! The music just came on and she was excited to say the least! This is the face I see when she pee pees in the potty too! Priceless!
And what would a party be without the Chicken dance? Sorry it's a terrible video but it's still cute!

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