Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I fear I must wake earlier...

Right now here's the general schedule.

5:40ish roll out of bed and shower, earlier if i have to wash my hair, which means i need to dry it.
5:40-6:10 shower, get clothes on, etc. Pack food for work (if K isn't up yet) and take everything to car.
6:10 go up and wake up K, again, if she isn't already up. get her ready/
6:25 head out to daycare
6:30-640ish drop of K at daycare, set up her breakfast, etc
7:30-4 (or 430 if i'm earning time) work
445-515 somewhere in there pick up k
5-630 get home at some point, feed and let dogs out. try to get something going for dinner. go on a walk or play with K.
630-7 start bedtime routine, bath, teeth, books, songs, bed
by 730 she'll be down, if not earlier
730ish eat dinner since normally i'm running behind and feeding K whatever I can come up with while cooking Chris and mine for later.
rest of the evening until 9 or so, veg out from pure exhaustion
9-930 go to bed.

Here's what I know
1. I NEED 8 hours of sleep... since i never sleep all 8 I need to try to for at least that.
2. I'm pregnant and always tired...
3. We need to clean more, I REALLY want the dishes done each night but i'm tired of being the one to do them most of the time
4. I need my evenings more manageable so I can cater to K more.

Here's what i'm thinking...
5-545 Get up and get ready
545-610 Prep any dinner for that night, get my food for work together, etc.
610 get up k and get her ready
625 out the door to daycare
640 leave daycare for work
730-430 (we'll just plan for a late night since i need to earn A LOT of credit hours) work
515 pick up K
525 throw dinner in oven or finish it up almost to point of eating, feed dogs, let them out
550ish eat dinner (or at least give K non-mac and cheese or chicken nugget dinner for 100th time in a row)
610 (she's a fast eater)-700 play, go on a walk (in the dark, YEA winter) watch Mickey Mouse!
7-730 bedtime routine
730-9 feed myself (if not previously done) clean up what i can of the kitchen (if Chris still isn't home to eat) switch laundry (during a commercial), clean one room (during a commercial, like the 1/2 bath... something pretty quick)
9 be IN BED to SLEEP!

I don't know if it's doable. I mena getting up at 5 won't KILL me... might feel like it when i look over at the snoring hubs, but I need more time and staying up later to do stuff isn't going to happen because i'm dead on my feet before i even leave the office. And dinner is my main struggle (even though i've mastered fast meals).

I love the colder weather but i hate winter for the simple fact of lack of sunlight!

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