Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Food, it has a whole new meaning

Food with this pregnancy is pretty different. It's a take it or leave it kind of thing. Some days I could care less about it and just eat cereal all day. I'll make a full out dinner for everyone and then sit down with a bowl of Cheerios.

Other days it is sent from God. For example. One night I was driving home, earlier that day I had heard mentioned Taco Bell. Well it came to a point where I HAD to go out of my way to find a taco bell and devourer their yummy goodness! And I DID! As soon as it touched my lips I was taken into another kind of happiness I've rarely experienced. I wanted to call friends and family and tell them to RUN to their nearest Taco Bell, because surely something has changed in the way they make these tasty treats. What that taco did to my taste buds can only be called orgasmic.

Very few foods make my toes curl up and quiver this pregnancy (where a burger always did when i was pregnant with K), and I'm not always guaranteed that it will do each time i eat that food.

Oh but when it happens!

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