Tuesday, November 1, 2011

She's a Professional Y'all

Trick or Treater that is! The first few houses I had to really work with her to get her to say "Trick or Treat", or in her words "Or Treeet", and then tell the people thank you for candy but once she realized what it got her I couldn't stop her. She didn't even want to wait for me to get to the doors! She would pass other kids and then, THEN, she started going to houses twice! We only went around to the townhouses in our circle because, hello she's not even 2 and well, I'll be eating her candy (except for the lollipops) but she hit those houses and she hit them hard and often, they didn't even see my trick or treating ninja Elmo coming! Okay, well MAYBE they did, after all she was a 3 foot tall red furry Elmo, but they didn't care~

"Or Tweeet" (Why am I saying this? This is so weird...)
Whoa, that person gave me candy!

Mom, check it out, Candy! And I didn't do ANYTHING to get it! I swear I didn't steel it!

K's little friend REEEEEEECE or as her parents like to call her Reece.

Running to the next house, she thought this was a pretty cool concept.

Nico! Nicolas was fierce lion! 
Super Jackson! So handsome... K just loves him!

Our happy family!

I'm going to show this lollipop who's boss Daddy!


Kinsley LOVED her trick or treating experience. She visited all of her friends around the circle, twice, and got candy for it! She always insisted on having one piece of candy in each hand, which was a problem when it was time to get another piece, often she tried a candy exchange by putting down one piece and picking out a new one. Don't worry, the kind neighbors gave her back her other piece of candy! After a few houses she didn't even need a lot of prompting to knock, say trick or treat, and then thank you. Often she was so fast i caught her saying it on her own!
Does a Momma proud!

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