Monday, November 21, 2011

My Belly is big, luckily it's comparable

This weekend i shipped my kid off to the in-laws. She started with grandma, went to brother-in-law/sister-in-laws and then finished up at g-mas again! I was sad slightly when i spoke to her on the phone but honestly, it was GLORIOUS! I got some stuff done. I SAW BREAKING DAWN! (yes i was alone with a 100 preteen girls and about 20 moms, we all bonded) and I got to sleep in!!! Sort of, if you count 730 as sleeping in, I do!

But I still did stuff and it was hard. Laundry is hard. Picking up the house, is hard. Functioning is starting to get hard. Despite my lack of midsection I am carrying this child very differently. Most likely because K liked having her skull crammed as far down in my pelvis as possible and this kid likes to tap dance in my pelvis. Kinsley slept when i slept, this kid i think wants a beer or something because he's partying. PLUS he's a swimmer. K was never a swimmer, she was content to just be head down and give me major pelvic pain... Parker, He likes to try out many different positions and turns and it makes me want to vomit. Seriously.

So I feel huge, but in a different way. The good thing is this time we have different couches! While they aren't as comfy as the old one they make for getting up much easier, which is good since Chris is back to working like a Mexican.

My baby shower is in two weeks and the only thing i can think about is WHAT IF I DON"T GET PARKERS BEDDING!?!?!? Stupid I know. I mean 1. it's sold in a set so that makes it flipping expensive. 2. people still have 2 weeks to band together and chip in and show the love together! 3. UM Chris and I will just buy it, DUH. but regardless that is a constant thought in my mind.

Oh and I finished K's 1 year book. You know, everything Kinsley from the time she was born until right before her party. Yea that book is $158! DO WHAT!?!? Robbery I'm telling you! Well, it's done... we'll see when I actually buy it from the bloodsucking photo sight that won't combine all my promotional $20 cards from buying over priced maternity clothes... thanks bitches.

More up dates later? K?

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