Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some things make me sad, and it's my blog so i get to talk about them!

There's a article out that says there's a new test that will determine if your baby has down syndrome or not. It's a blood test so there isn't the risk of miscarriage linked with other test available.

Here's the thing. 92% of mothers who are told their baby will definitely have this extra chromosome choose abortion. THAT HUGE! AND sad. I know there are complications that go along with this, I know that you also have the chance that you will be faced to raise a perpetual "child". BUT there are SO many benefits to having that blessing in your life! And God didn't choose you for this child to hurt you, he chose you because he thought you were worthy of it!

In the article it talks about possible eliminating this "disease" from our population. I know there's this whole "survival of the fittest" but this doesn't show me how strong we are as people, but how weak we are to not want to take on the challenge.

It's pretty obvious that I'm a pro-lifer, I don't try to hide that fact. But, this makes my heart hurt so bad. A woman is terminating a child that she most likely REALLY wanted because it's not "perfect" in her eyes. WHO IS SHE TO SAY WHAT IS PERFECT!?!?! It's bad enough to terminate babies because they just aren't "ready for a child" and they can't "consider adoption" (because it's SO much better to kill a baby than give it up to a family wanting a baby)... but to kill a baby because they aren't "perfect".

I'm really sadden by what our world is coming to.

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