Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's very possible i'm the worst mother ever at taking pictures.

It's true. We had a great if you don't count the 10 hour car ride stuck in traffic with a screaming 2 year old trip and I really don't have that many pictures to show for it! Well, what are we going to do? So instead of bombarding you with a million pictures I'll bombard you with a million stories and a few pictures. Deal?

So the trip down, womp womp. Yeah it started at 6am and ended at 4pm! OH.MY.GAWD! The traffic was terrible in the beginning and terrible in the end. In the middle we had some laughs.

Like when my daughter turned into Stewey (Mom. Mommy, Momma, Mom, MOM, fruit snacks?).

Or when i told her no fruit snacks so she immediately without missing a beat went to Chris "Dad, Daddy, Dad, CHRIS!" Yeah she hollard for CHRIS! lol. We had a good laugh about that one.

Then there was the amazingballs Bojangles lunch (if you don't know what Bo-J's is then i don't have time for you, you'll have to google it and be jealous that you've never tasted the yummy greasy goodness of it). When we were in the drive through the lady at the window kept saying "OOOOh Dawg, LAWD have Mercy!" I mean like 4-5 times while we waited at the window. It was so bad as soon as Chris pulled away we both just looked at each other and died laughing.

The trip started with me getting Kinsley dressed and telling her we're going to see Sasha and PopPop that day, her response was "YEA!!!" in the tenth hour i told her we were almost there and didn't she want to see Sasha and PopPop, her response was "NOOOOO, I like see Sasha PopPop" while she shook her head no, which means she doesn't like something. She never says "I like it" and means that she actually likes something, she always says "I like it" while shaking her head no, meaning I don't like it.

So we get there and she's happy as a clam and after dinner and running around after the dogs, she had a full evening of helping Sasha cook for the next day.
Cooking cornbread stuffing is serious stuff!

"Yea! I did it Mommy!"

Kinsley's constant request while cooking was "I eat it?" and Sasha always said yes... then K wanted to eat the raw onions. My Mom doubted she would like it, to which I laughed because that was just challenging my daughters taste buds and K never backs down from a challenge. She had four pieces.
The next day we woke up and "Uh Seph" (aka Uncle Seph) heard about all the "I Cookin!" and had Kinsley help him make pancakes... yes i know I'm a rock star photographer!

That went well and so we played for a while afterwards and I was promptly worn out and deemed that K was too, so we were both going to take a nap. Kinsley was not interested in a nap. But, upon fear of death, or loss of her passy, I told her she MUST stay in her bed. My brother took this picture since i was completely dead to the world.

Hey, she's still in the bed!

Then after Thanksgiving dinner it was silly time with PopPop

There's a lot of those pictures because 1. How cute is that baby on my Dad and 2. It reminds me of playing with my Dad.

While in NC my Mom also booked a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was awesome. I'll review it if there's interest but I'll sum it up here with 1. Kinsley is fearless and wanted to do all slides and wave pools, sans Momma. 2. OMG look at her goggles!

It was a great trip. It only took 8 hours I think to get home. We took a longer way to avoid traffic and had a few long stops (to get prune juice to unclog my baby... oh she's unclogged alright!).

The icing on the cake? Get to see my parents again THIS weekend for K's second birthday. YEA my kid is going to be 2!!!! Like whoa.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too!

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