Thursday, November 17, 2011

uh i HAVE to do something with my house!!!!

I know, i know, i have a few things on my plate right now (finishing up the toddler room, beginning AND finishing the nursery, painting the hallway, paying for a outrageous vet bills, having a baby, having a 2 year old's birthday party, thanksgiving, Christmas) but the lack of completeness in my house is driving me INSANE!

My awesome Brother and Sister in law are going to help us paint and stuff the nursery and hallway. So that's a check. I'm going to paint the Kids bathroom and then my co-worker is going to come over and hand paint under the sea touches to customize it for the kids. So those are my main priorities right now. AND mostly i have all the tools (paint) to get it done.

But OH dear love of the master bedroom! It's TERRIBLE! There's NO paint on the walls, NO curtains hung, NO artwork or decor of any kind hung up. It's BARE! It's NAKED! It's BORING! I would LOVE to something crazy and bold! Like an accent Terra Cotta wall, but i think the hubs might leave me for that one.

The Kitchen, so NOT me. I want yellow, country chic. I don't like country/plaid clutter, but clean lines with a country/homey flair.

When all that is done I might stop complaining... for a while...

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