Monday, November 7, 2011

I was pregnant and we went to a wedding

I could end the post right there and you would already understand everything I'm about to tell you without having to say a single word, BUT i won't because i know you want photos, right?

So it ALL started with a dress from ebay. A very pretty dress that i felt like a huge, square house in. YEA! But it's from ebay so i can't return it, so i WILL wear it... but i just couldn't this weekend and feel pretty. LUCKILY my good friend called me and she had an AMAZINGBALLS dress for me to borrow! It hung so nicely around my belly! I just loved it! Want to be pregnant again to borrow it again!

Here's the Cowboy and I

Seriously, if it wasn't for this woman below i wouldn't have lasted as long as I did at the wedding. Germaine's pregnant too and we kept each others spirits up despite all the drunk husbands people around us.

This couple rode with us to and from. They are great and Lisa was a good person to have a double date with. Very sweet girl.

OMG my CHINS!!!!

Oh, this one. Scott. Yea, Scott has a minor obsession with pregnant women. He thinks, despite our multiple chins and bat wing arms, we're hot. And it's hard to keep his hands off the belly. Flattering, but weird.

It was a great wedding, despite the fact that I couldn't have a drink and it hurt like no other to stand and dance. But anything for that happy couple, they were and are beautiful and I'm so happy i got to see and be at their special day~

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  1. you look awesome! I love the dress on you! :)