Friday, November 4, 2011

Such an amazing night!

I don't have pictures just stories. Chris was out of town last night for a conference (yes i was alone AGAIN with a toddler, sick dog, well dog, and a baking baby!) and I was stressed about it, so I did what any other good Mom would do and got Burger King for dinner!

Kinsley and I went home, fed the dogs and gave Sadie her pills, took them out and then sat down to our cheeseburgers.

Afterwards we went for a walk. She wanted to go to the slide (mini playground in my neighborhood) and since we still had a while before bedtime i said yes. She was SOOO excited (because I almost always say "another time"), she squealed with delight! We went over and she played on the slide, I ran after her, then something amazing happened. I was teaching her how to climb the ladder and she started counting. She counted all the way to TEN WITHOUT my help! Then she did it again and again! I was so proud of her! I knew she knew her numbers but normally we help her along, not last night!

Eventually the burger caught up with me and I explained to Kinsley that I had to potty and didn't have a diaper on so we needed to go. With promises of Mickey Mouse she took it rather well!

We got her ready for bed then snuggled on the couch watching Mickey. Went upstairs, read a book and sang a few songs before she went to bed.

After I cleaned up I laid down on the couch to watch my guilty obsession (Vampire Diaries!) and my little boy started dancing. So I lifted up my shirt and got my first show of SEEING him kick all over my belly! He was going crazy!

All in all, an amazing night. Could have only been made better if my Cowboy could have been there to share it.

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