Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You know what?

I REALLY miss getting to lay on my belly. Getting to lay on my belly on the floor next to my daughter. Getting to lay on my belly to stretch out my hurting back. I miss it!

Know what else? I Hate it that my crotch (sorry Mom and Seph) hurts ALL.THE.TIME. It's most likely "lightning crotch" which is when your ligaments, etc are stretching in preparation for birth and you get real zinging pain in the lady regions. I got it with Kinsley. With Parker? It's earlier and ALL.THE.TIME! I'll be hitting up the OB tomorrow to drink some nasty sugar drink and have them drain my blood an hour later to see if I'm getting fat because of Gestational Diabetes or just because I am a PRO at gaining weight. So, I'll ask them what's up with my lightning then.

I'm also tired. VERY tired. I have moments where I think, WOW I can function... then it's promptly glazed over with the same extreme exhaustion that I'm used to. Tease. It doesn't help that i have a MILLION things to do for this weekend and not enough time to do them, especially with a crazy toddler demanding my attention (not that i don't love it, she's awesome like that).

You know what else? My Cowboy is a rock star. He came home last night and did ALL the dishes, cleaned/picked up the downstairs, and dealt with the dogs and some laundry. He just walked in and did it. Yes, I'm lucky like that.

See, you thought i was going to complain the WHOLE post! Man I'm full of surprises!

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