Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kinsley's new love and WTF CO-WORKER!?!?

Kinsley has a new love, the Carousel. She thought it was the best thing and wanted to slap a Momma for not telling her about it sooner. This is the smile she had as soon as her little butt hit that horse!
Every time she passed me as she went around I was greeted with a smile so big it could have knocked me over!

To put it mildly she did NOT want to get off! lol.

No what's up with my co-irker? Oh the little hussy came by my office and the convo went something like this:

Hussy: So when are you do again?
Me: February!
Hussy: Oh my, really? Are you sure? Aren't You a little big?
Me: (WHY YOU STUPID MOTHER....) Well it is my second child
Hussy: Oh so you stretch out more? I don't know, my kids are adopted.
Me: (Just because you have never experienced pregnancy doesn't NOT mean you are allowed to be stupid and call a girl fat you KD##)$()_WZksd!!!) oh ok...
Hussy: I mean you ARE sure there's only one right?
Me: yes

OH MY LAWD!~ She's lucky I let her walk away! Why, WHY, would you say that to someone??!?! "Aren't you a little big?" WHERE in her TINY little brain did THAT comment even begin to sound okay to voice?!?!? Oh she's on my list! And she just put herself near the top!

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  1. I don't know if I could really hold back from saying to her, "REALLY?!" wtf lady!