Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My back is taking names!

Oh yea, it's on a war path and I'm it's first battle. Right now, I'm loosing, badly. It hurt so bad last night that just attempting to pick up my toddler almost sent me to my knees in pain. Nothing hurts a Mama's heart more than hear "Hold you" (her version of Hold me) and not being able to. I would try to sit down on the floor and do it, not good enough for her. Finally Mickey Mouse helped a Mama out by entertaining her enough that sitting on the couch with me was "Hold You" quality snuggles.

This morning, not a lot better. I had hoped that a good nights rest would heal my piece of shit back, nope. Instead it taunted me in my dreams by having me dream about a hurting back and then i would wake up to roll over and it would wake me up more because it still hurt. Backs a bitch!

This morning on our way downstairs Kinsley started her chorus of "Hold YOU" and so i had to scoot on my butt down the stairs while she sat on my lap. Luckily she thought it was a silly game.

Today i'm going to do some Pilates at lunch in hopes of stretching and strengthing it. I refuse to give up, I ALWAYS WIN!

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  1. I hear you on the back pain! I can't believe how painful it is this time around.