Monday, November 2, 2009

Okay yes, i'm nesting

In the wee early hours of the morning before i need to get up i'm woken up by the thoughts in my head... YOU know those thoughts... the ones that nag you like nicotine habit until you finally give in and DO what the thoughts want you to do... yeah those.

So i had these all weekend... Example being Sunday morning where i felt this uncany need to start washing Kinsley's clothes, but i couldn't because the deck guys were using the washing machine outlet to build out deck but i still had to get the clothes out and ready to wash... i HAD TO! So i got up at 7 and got all her clothes, sheets, etc in a pile ready to go to the basement and i was THEN able to go back to sleep until we had to get up for church.

So what DID i do this weekend? Friday night we put up the pack n play and swing. Saturday we took a bunch of stuff to be donated, i got her more sleepers, pants, and onesies. I rested for the rest of the day b/c i was worn out, etc. Then we had trick or treaters. Chris's brother came over and i went to bed b/c my hips hurt.

Sunday i got up and loaded all the clothes, etc to get washed. We went to church where i was feeling REALLY weird. After the service we left to go to Target b/c i HAD to get stuff for the hospital bag (and some prescriptions). And then we went home where i vegged for a long time b/c i felt so weird... and Stella was attached to my hip! I mean this is normal behavior for Sadie but not Stella... she's VERY independent... but she curled herself around my belly and slept.

I could get up every now and then and do something... load bottles into the dish washer... give Chris things to take to the basement... pack the hospital bag... go to the bedroom for another nap... etc.

Over all it was VERY productive AND we now have a deck! WHOO HOO!

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