Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wow so we're full term now...


Yes we're 37 weeks. That means we're "full term" and it's Perfectly safe for baby to come out... So i wish she would take the hint! i mean I'm good... the cyst is all healed and my butt is functional again... but really... do you know what it's like carrying around 35 extra pounds that are pounding into your pelvis with every step you take??? Yeah, i'm over it! I mean i LOVE her little kicks but really i'm okay with feeling them on the outside!

So i was waiting to write this big long horrible post about BabiesRus b/c my stroller was out of stock and i was worried that when it came back IN stock the free shipping promotion would be over and then i would have to pay an extra like $20 for shipping... so i called/emailed their customer service to express this concern and they kept blowing me off (like 5 times no joke) BUT i was FINALLY (after 2 weeks) able to order my stroller and the Free shipping promotion was still going on SO i'm not going to write a big long entry about how terrible BabiesRus's customer service is, and how they do not answer your questions, instead giving you the run around, and about how they lie lie lie... b/c i DID after all get my stroller with free shipping... so here's me being quite about how terrible BabiesRus is...

And on to other news, we're still looking for a daycare... fun stuff i know... do you have ANY idea how problematic this whole thing is?!?!? I mean you have to get on waiting list, then you have to compete with parents that are already at that daycare and decide to get sperminated again. THEN i'm finding out you ALSO have to compete with workers that are newly hired and bring their babies with them! UH! So we're going to tour another place... they have an opening.. at the moment... i hate to find out how much they are though!

We'll see~

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