Monday, November 16, 2009

i am....

still pregnant... yep still going strong. Went to the doctor today and i'm still 2 cm but now i'm 80% effaced. So we're progressing but not how i want to... i want to progress right on my way to the hospital (well at the moment i want to progress to bed b/c i'm so freakin tired)! I'm tired, i'm big, i'm ready to see my little angel!

Oh the bad news front... my work will most likely only let me take 6 weeks of paid leave... anything else will be unpaid. I had already planned on 4 weeks of unpaid leave but not 6! (i wanted to take 12 weeks off). So i'm super bummed... Chris and i are going to talk tonight but i can't see 6 weeks with no pay! that's a lot!

Well back to work... so tired! Just want to hold her!

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