Friday, November 13, 2009

Please tell the co-workers to back away slowly

Or i can't be held accountable for what i could do to them!

So a few (the ones i like) know that i'm 2cm dilated and 70% effaced. But for some reason they are all hopping up on their couches Tom Cruise Style telling me K's going to be early! I mean seriously, most of them have given birth... they KNOW i could be this way for WEEKS! But does that stop them??? NO!

My boss is all freaking out wanting me to get my list made of the status of everything on my desk in case she needs to step in... okay i GET that but really that list will change COMPLETELY in a week and THEN i'll have to make ANOTHER one!

My co-workers are making guesses about when NEXT WEEK i'll deliver or if i'll even make it that long. This is all making me antsy in my pants!!

here's the cake topper... the kind amazing angels making my pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks are even on a count down! SERIOUSLY!?!? I order coffee from you and yes even though i feel deeply bonded to you since you give me a sense of peace and relaxation at 630 in the morning all i ACTUALLY say to you is "decaf venti skim pumpkin spice latte no whip please, thank you" so now you're asking me how many weeks, or telling me how many weeks are left or saying you figured i went into labor b/c you hadn't seen me in a few days... Seriously... do i need to add Starbucks to my "Call b/c i'm in labor list"???

So people while i'm very excited about my "progress" you are making me Crazy! I know i've said FOREVER to get this kid out of me, but NOW i'm freaking out and i want her to stay put... so DON'T encourage her!


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