Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here i am!

This is what you look like when you're 2 cm dilated!

oh please you didn't think i was going to show you something else did you? this is not the discovery channel! moving on to the belly

Well Harvey (my foot) is doing better, i've found that if i wear these workout compression shocks it really helps with the swelling... i was even able to put them on MYSELF this morning!!! Because my tush is doing SOOO much better! Still stiff and stuff but it's SOOO doable compared to where i was at on Monday! I feel like a new woman... i feel like i can keep doing this pregnancy thing for WEEKS (which is good since i might have to)!

K is moving less but bigger now. It's no longer a party in my uterus but more like a mime box that she is trying to explore. I'll get an elbow sticking out here and a knee there, it's really funny to watch and when i tickle it she moves it, so i tickle it there and she moves it again! Already my baby girl and i are playing!

On to the "pregnancy stuff"... So my body is cleaning itself off. I feel like my IBS is back b/c of all the loose poops i've had! And now we're getting the glorious slug trails. Many women get these all through pregnancy but mine are just starting. So my lady napkin in place i inspect each one... is that just regular goo or the start of a mucus plug goo!?!?!? Hmmm

For those of you wondering this is the definition of a mucus plug: the mucus plug is just an accumulation of secretions that form within the opening to the uterus, also called the cervical canal. The fact that mucus accumulates early in pregnancy is quite beneficial, as it serves to create a protective barrier against infection between the outside world and your growing baby.

As you near the end of your pregnancy, your cervix will begin to thin out and dilate. As it changes, you may lose your mucus plug and find a gooey deposit in your underwear or on the toilet tissue after wiping. It is not uncommon for this mucus to be mixed with brown, pink, or red streaks of blood from the changes occurring within your cervix. Some women may lose the plug at 36 weeks' gestation, while many others may not lose it until labor has begun. Sometimes moms-to-be may not even notice that they are losing their mucus plug because it happens gradually, over several weeks, and they've already grown accustomed to varying but increased amounts of the vaginal discharge that often accompanies a normal pregnancy.

So you see i COULD be loosing it right now... in bits and pieces... but that doesn't mean much for the onset of labor sadly since many women do not go into labor for one or two weeks AFTER loosing this disgusting thing.

this is where it's coming from:

and here's some photography about the whole dilation/effaced thing:

Hope this helps a little bit!

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