Thursday, November 19, 2009

You WILL have LOW days!

So i'm sitting here trying not to curse like a sailor (to keep my mom proud of me) but seriously i'm over it all!

1. we went to visit ANOTHER daycare last night since ours aren't looking too hot on the wait list right now and while we liked it, we can't afford it. I mean seriously... why do you have to pay $1200+ for childcare! for ONE child!!! Are these people batty?!?!? I thought the two we were waiting on for 1045-1140 a month were crazy but this one last night was 1320... that's only for a 4 week month! WHAT THE HELL! AND HALF the teachers BARELY spoke english! Great for my kid who will one day be able to tell me to f-off in 3 different languages one day but not for me when i'm trying to figure out if they are telling me my kid pooped or talked!

2. I'm SO DAMN tired i almost cried this morning. DID i stay up last night hosting a rave at my house??? no. Did i stay up late to finish that book i was reading? no. Was i in any kind of labor? no. I ACTUALLY fell asleep around 9 on the couch. Then went to bed.. peed like 3-4 times... slept so soundly i would wake up in buckets of my own sweat... AND I'm still about to prop my eyelids up with tooth picks! I pity the person who says (like they always do) "You're still here" first today. Because guess what?!?! I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT NOW! I WANT TO SLEEP YOU STUPID *#UROEWHR*#RY!!!!

3. I'm emotionally drained and want this kid out. I love her, i can't wait to hold her (ON THE OUTSIDE) but i just want her out. I can't take the stress, the worry, the is it time yet, the "you're still heres"... I just want to have her and snuggle with her!

4. My f-in lab has ANOTHER urinary track infection... yeah she's peeing on the carpet we just shampooed! ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! I just got the house ready and this twerp (i love her i know it's not her fault) has to do this! So i come home each day to the lovely smell of pee and have to get on my hands and knees (which hurt like hell lately) and clean up her pee. Thanks... so lets add another $300 vet visit onto the stress!

Okay, i would love to thank you for letting me get all this out BUT i still don't feel better. IF i could get a nap, find a daycare and loose my mucus plug all in one day then i MIGHT be on the road to recovery.

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