Monday, November 23, 2009

Pregnancy + Kids do not mix

So i know what you're thinking... wait... You're pregnant to HAVE a kid, how does that not mix.... so let me rephrase that: Pregnancy + Kids on the OUTSIDE do not mix.

We had a friend over yesterday with his three children. Twins age 7 and son who is almost 5. Now while they are EXTREMELY well behaved, polite, sweet, and i just love them to pieces. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and tired and my belly hurts. So even the most well behaved children need attention, etc. And i did my best to give it to them but MAN i was sooo worn out when they left. LOL, i went and tried to take a relaxing bath, fell asleep. Went down stairs to eat cereal for dinner and then BEGGED Chris to let me go to bed (at 700) even though he wanted to hang out. I eventually made it to bed and it was NOT restful!

I tossed and turned (which is NO small feat), I peed... a lot, and through it all my belly was in huge pain. It wasn't like "OH i'm having another contraction" pain it was "i just did a thousand sit ups" pain. I think part of it has to do with a little old wives tail Chris and i were working on that morning but maybe it's Kinsley beating me up from the inside.

Here's a shot of me yesterday trying to support my team (that lost, we're not talking about that)...

Then i had a conversation with my Dad last night... went something like this:

Me: So i have a doctors apt. tomorrow, i'm going to beg, plead, and cry for an induction.
Dad: Why?
Me: B/c i'm so done being pregnant, i'm so tired and sore
Dad: Well you want her to be healthy
Me: She is, she was last week, she's just getting fatter and harder to push out now
Dad: It's only two weeks left
Me: Have you ever been pregnant?
Dad: No and nor will i ever
Me: Exactly, enough said... i want an induction!

Men will never understand where we're coming from... i've had hormone scares, tail bone issues, cyst, hip pain, swelling, and now a belly that is bigger then me. I am VERY grateful that is my full list of complaints and it doesn't include anything serious, but still... I'm DONE! I don't want to be pregnant anymore. I want to hold my little girl and put on pants that zip up. I want to be able to kiss my little girl and put on underwear without grunting! I want to be able to feed my little girl and be able to go up stairs without needing to take a break halfway through.

PLEASE just let the doctor give me my wish!

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