Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OMG! SOOO in love!

No i'm not talking about that tall drink of water that impregnated me (even though he is quite hot)... i'm talking about Frosted Flake Cereal! So i hadn't had this stuff in FOREVER and when we were at our friends wedding in NY the bed and breakfast we stayed at had this. SO i decided to have some, YUM! Well i promptly forgot about the awesomeness of it's taste until this past weekend at the g-store. I got a box (well the store brand kind) for breakfast this week. And i'm sitting here enjoying every mouth stimulating bite of it!

This cereal is AWESOME! Not only does the sweetness do my taste buds good but the flakes don't get all mushy! AND THEN spoon after spoon of crunchy sweet goodness i get to drink the milk left at the bottom of the bowl, WHICH IS HEAVEN! Not only is it Milk (one of my favorite drinks of late) but it's SWEET milk, sweetened from the tantalizing flakes themselves!

Ahhh what an amazing breakfast! Now if all this sugar would make K bounce right out of me!

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