Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Kinsley, 37weeks

Dear Kinsley,

Here's you and i at 37 weeks. You're full term today! Good job! It's now safe for you to come into the world so, PLEASE come! Your Daddy and i are very excited to meet you. I already love you more then i thought possible and so does he. Daddy gives you goodnight, good morning, i'm home, hey how ya doing rubs every time he sees you!

We're very excited to see what you look like, if you'll take after me or Daddy. We know that no matter what you're going to be perfect, just the way God intended for you to be!

I can't believe that the time of you kicking in my belly and making it hard to move is almost over. Even though i've complained a lot it was worth every single second. Feeling you stretch and move is just magical, thanks for letting Daddy feel you lately too, you should see the smile on his face!

Well i know you still have a few weeks left if you want but we're really excited to meet you soon! You're nursery is all ready, your sisters (Stella and Sadie) are ready, and we even got your stroller ordered! So don't wait too long to make your debut! And don't believe what you hear about "fashionably late"... it's not all it's cracked up to be! TRUE divas like to arrive early and make sure everyone is ready for them!

Well i love you baby girl, i can't wait to kiss your nose, fingers, and toes! You're so special to everyone already and i know you'll just take the world by storm when you come!

Love Always,


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