Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm serious! CUT IT OFF!

My Ass... please please please! I haven't slept in i don't know how long b/c i'm in SOOO much pain!!! I'm trying to deal with it by taking Tylenol but it only takes the edge off! I'm convinced now that it's not a tail bone issue or spinal issue, it's another cyst. It's huge right now... bruised and inflaming my old scars from getting the other cyst removed. I'm hoping to have an update of what i can do today about it... B/c here's where i think my options MIGHT be...

1. Take an antibiotic (perfect choice...if it works... and if it's allowed... this is what i prefer)

2. Get it lanced/operated on (yeah great lets have a healing hole ON MY BUTT right before i go into labor... which will have me LAYING ON MY BUTT!)

3. Deal with it until K's born (oh this is EVEN better... besides labor pain i'll have cyst pain AND i'll still have to get it taken care of AND recover WHILE taking care of K.... umm no)

So lets cross our fingers for an antibiotic... i can't deal with this much longer.... I can't sit, lay, sleep, walk, you name it without being in EXTREME pain!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this!! :( Sounds terrible! I hope you get some kind of relief soon.