Friday, November 13, 2009

So my nesting isn't exactly typical...

So last night I got this crazy urge. I couldn't sit still... i wanted to organize, clean, put batteries in things. And that lasted for all of well 40 minutes, maybe... lol. Then i promptly became tired and lazy and went to read a book in bed.

It was really funny in my head b/c at first i was all like "sweet! I'm SOOO nesting, look at me!" and then i wasn't... and i began thinking why aren't i like everyone else... why don't i want to "nest" and then i realized that do, just in my own way.

I nest the best way i know how... i shop, lol. I want to make sure we've bought everything little K is going to need. I organize what i've bought and then feel the need to buy more... not Chris's favorite trait of mine.

So i'm going to do my best and NOT nest... IF i can't ignore the urge i'll try to turn it into something productive, like real nesting... lets see how this goes.

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