Sunday, November 22, 2009

okay sorry, i complain a lot... now i won't

So this post is not going to be about complaining, it's going to be about the sweetest man ever, my husband.

I mean ya'll know we aren't perfect but man was my world perfect yesterday with him. There is just something about a man, his blue jeans, and his boots!

We went to church yesterday morning and He wore some boot cut jeans, a button up green shirt, and cowboy boots. He walked down those stairs and my heart did a little flip flop flutter! Something about my big tall rugged man in his boots and jeans! I swoon just thinking about him in it! He looks so classic and amazing in such a mainly earthy way that it just reminds me time and time again why i knew from the second i laid eyes on him that HE was going to be MINE!

Then when that rugged man of my dreams makes me lunch, fixes pillows for me, and makes sure i'm happy and THEN rubs my belly and talks about our daughter, i really almost burst with happiness!

So ladies be thankful for Boots and jeans and then men that fill them in our lives. Without him, i would be so lost!

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