Friday, November 6, 2009

So how many doctors do you need

in order to make it through pregnancy? With me... apparently a lot. I need my OB and all her team. I need my sonogram team (which i will be seeing weekly now), i need my happy pill doctor, and NOW i need a chiropractor! Yep the tail bone/ spine/ pelvis is SOO bad i'm seeing a chiropractor. HOPEFULLY he'll have success where others have failed b/c i really can't take much more of this.

I'm trying to decide if i'm just going to move my office into the ladies room... i mean hey, on my floor it's a one person only deal so it's not like i'll be "sharing" my office. And frankly that's the only place where my ass doesn't hurt. Yes ladies and gentlemen and i'm pissed and over this dagum ass pain! I found some relief with Tylenol and a heating pad (straight on the crack... i mean there was a pants barrier) but it's there still... even my ass pillow is not helping this thing. SO i'm seeing a man now who sends vibrations to various points in my butt to see if he can "giggle" things back into place.

My biggest fear right now??? Well you know how i've been praying, begging, bribing God to let this child come a little early??? Yeah that's my biggest fear now... that God will actually listen to my crazy rantings just to get me to shut up and she'll be here early... i'll have to lay ON MY BACK (which is something i cannot do right now with out screaming and crying) and i will have to push a child through the very area that is taring me apart. Yeah Wouldn't that feel just terrific? HELL NO! So now i want her to stay put until we get this worked out or else i should not be held accountable for anything i say, do, or throw in labor and delivery.

thank you

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