Monday, November 23, 2009

These Freaking Idiots!

That would be my co-workers. yeah!

I would like to call them many other names, a lot harsher, BUT Kinsley can hear me and i don't want to be a bad influence.

It went down like this:

Co-workers: So two weeks huh...blah blah words blah word
Me: Yea but i'm going to BEG my OB for an induction, i'm so done!
CW: WHAT! But you're ONLY 38 weeks!
Me: ONLY!?!? That's full term thanks! and besides this kid is measuring ahead!
CW: But if you're body isn't ready that could be dangerous!
Me: UMMM it's ready, i'm dilating and almost completely effaced!
CW: Um No it IS dangerous for the baby if it's not time
Me: Then take her by C-section
CW: well blah blah words words...

I mean seriously!?!? Do they REALLY think i would pick my comfort over the safety of my child!?!?!?

1st of all She is measuring big
2nd My doc said we won't talk induction unless my cervix is favorable (IT IS!)
3rd What do they think i'm going to do... Go to my local CVS and pick up an "At home induction Kit" if my doctor tells me to wait?!?!?

These people have another thing coming if they think they can gang up on a pregnant lady that is STILL at work even though everyone wants me to go ahead and start my Maternity leave! I have a letter opener and i know how to use it!

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