Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Shower #2!

These are a little late in coming but here is my baby shower from my awesome co-workers!

I will pretext this with, it was casual Friday, i wasn't supposed to know about the shower and my tush was KILLING me... i only came to work that day b/c i DID know about is. But i think the photographer did everything she could to make me look like crap...

yumm i just love potlucks!

Yes i was given a crown... b/c everyone knows i'm a princess... don't worry i'm giving it to K.

Why yes that is my tush pad under my butt... only way they would get a smile out of me!

CAKE! But seriously, you MIGHT be turning your baby shower conisour(sp?) nose up to this cake but DON'T! this cake is from Super Target! It tasted SOOO good! I mean i went back and back and back (hey they brought it back to our lunch room RIGHT next to my desk! Of course i had to eat it!

Some of the lab peeps relaxing after the food!

It was so special. They not only threw me a beautiful shower BUT they also got me all the little things i needed AND a gift card to get my Stroller with!! YEA!

Thanks guys!

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