Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well to me it is! First lets start from the beginning...

I woke up yesterday in so much pain, pain that had been building for days... pain that made me almost forget that i am pregnant b/c i could only feel this pain... Guess everyone who called me a pain in their ass is getting their revenge on me now huh? haha... okay yes that was too easy...

so i go to work and show my body's handy work to my co-work to which i get "Holy crap that's terrible, put that away!" SO yes it's not all in my mind... just my butt. I call my trusty little surgeon (he is little i'm taller than him... he's a cute little old man, makes me laugh, when he's not making me cry)... they tell me he is all booked that day... UNTIL they get my name... MRS. BREEDLOVE!!! Let me just run in the back and talk to him for YOU! (No i'm not making this up... apparently my body malfunctions make me a celebrity in this office!) "Oh yes we can squeeze you in at 1" GREAT! I'll be there!

I arrive... "Oh look at you! How exciting" Then my little man comes in... "Oh yes, have you had a polyonatal Cyst before?" Umm yes i say, you removed it (okay so i'm not legendary... THEY still know me!). "Alright turn over and try to keep breathing" he says... great i knew this was going to happen, i wanted this to happen, but now i'm terribly upset this is happening.

Numbing needle, cut cut, squish squish, taping of a very large maxi pad on my butt (which in case you are wondering, i'm NOT wearing the proper pants to disguise) and i'm all done! See you on Thursday!

So i'm now waddling around with a HUGE pad on my butt, now covered by tying a hoody around my waist (wait i don't have one of those, okay under the belly that is NOW my waist) and i'm waiting until my next doctors appointment, my weekly checkin with the OB!

Finally after an hour of trying to get comfortable i just go to the OB (even though a previous call informed me they could not squeeze me in earlier, so much for being a "celebrity"). I sign in and BEG (with tears in my eyes... critical!) if i could lay in room while i wait since i can't sit. YES they say! Wonderful!

I lay (reading) for a while... eventually get my sonogram (K's doing great!) and then *dom dom dom* they put me in another room for my FIRST (well i mean first we're officially looking for progress here) internal! Yes this is where my cervix gets felt up. Many women hate this... b/c well it doesn't exactly feel good... i mean it's not like she's trying to start something with me, just trying to see if K's starting something. But i'm all excited just to see what might be going on... plus THIS pain is NOTHING compared to where i just was...then i hear the words

There's her head "WAIT", i say, "You feel her HEAD!" Oh yes she does and she says MORE "You're two centimeters dilated and about 70% effaced"!!!!

Okay for you non-baby factories out there here's the break down of all of that...

Effaced is your cervix... you want it to thin out and get out-of-the-way... you have to be 100% to give birth.

Dilated is where your cervix is opening up... you start at zero and must get to 10 to push the kid out.

So WOW this is like HUGE progress, send me to the hospital right? NO... see you can be this "far along" for WEEKS!

But you know i don't care... after all the pain i've been going through this past week it was so great to hear those words of progress! So amazing! Just thinking that Kinsley is doing and my body is doing what it needs to do to bring me this little Angel... it just makes it all worth it and takes my breath away!

36wks today!



**side not for those who read this for information... Internals aren't pleasant but aren't terrible. You WILL most likely bleed after them... i'm still bleeding today... today is brown and we all know brown is old which equals GOOD**

oh and my bootay is feeling much better... sore but i can actually lay down now!!



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