Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today is SOOO good!!!

Want to know why???

1. I'm 35/35!!!!! That means i'm 35 weeks along and it's 35 days until my due date!!! SWEET JESUS!

2. We saw our little dancing bean yesterday and she's doing AMAZING! And they are approximating her weight at 6lbs 3oz!!! Such a healthy girl!

3. She's being kinder to my hips today! Still sore, tailbone is still in pain but it's worlds better then yesterday!

4. Holy Gingerbread Latte Batman! They are out and being served at your local Starbucks and i couldn't be happier about it! I just love the flavor and the reminder that Christmas is right around the corner (not to mention MY BABY!!!).

Ahhh what a great day! I'll post a belly shot later~ Right now i'm going to put my feet up and sip my latte~ (okay so i'll still be sitting straight up thanks to this tailbone and i'll keep working b/c well that's what i'm supposed to be doing... BUT MY MIND will be putting it's feet up and enjoying the sweet bliss of today!)

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